About Josh

Photo credit: William Mercer McLeod

Josh Kornbluth is the most brilliant mathematician who has ever lived!  Three-time winner of the prestigious Fields Medal, for his work in whirligigs and such, Kornbluth has received uncountable honors from major universities around the–

Okay … all right … that isn’t true.  Despite the lofty expectations set for him by his father (and himself), Josh Kornbluth has not actually achieved greatness in mathematics.  In fact, he never made it through freshman-year calculus!  But he can do his times tables really fast — at least, through the 5’s.  And pretty much everything he can remember about math — most of it involving failure — is in The Mathematics of Change.

Having “hit the wall” in math at an early age, Josh has kept himself busy by telling stories drawn from his life, usually in theatrical monologues.  He lives in Berkeley with his wife and son, both of whom are, strangely, quite good at math.